Pee STOP Spray 6 pack of 250ml


Part of having a pet dog or cat is teaching them where it is acceptable, or not, to go. This Pee STOP Spray is a 100% pet friendly way of keeping your pets away from peeing in a certain area. Containing a natural, strong mustard smell this non staining spray can be used around the house to convince pets to go to the loo elsewhere. The initial smell disappears in a few seconds to leave a long lasting action, saving you from cleaning up unwanted mess, and helping to train your pet.


  • Easy to use trigger spray
  • Use indoors
  • Non staining formula
  • 500ml


Not suitable for all types of carpets. Please patch test the product before widespread use to ensure that your carpet won’t stain.

We’re passionate about creating the safest environment for our pets. Our urine stop spray contains 100% natural ingredients to deter peeing without impacting their health and happiness. The organic formula contains no chemicals or irritants to ensure it’s completely safe around family and pets.

Ingredients: citrus and lemongrass.

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Pee STOP Spray 6 pack of 250ml